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Big Air General FAQ's

What is the warranty?
We will repair or replace any defective part at no charge to you for a period of 1 year. After 1 year we ask that you contact us so we can review your situation. Typically we can extend warranties for years as long as there is no negligence. Click here to view full warranty
What is the refund policy?
Within 30 days of receiving your order from Big Air Pylons Inc., you may return any non-custom product. All parts must be in their original condition and packaging, and cannot be assembled, installed, or damaged. Items that do not meet these criteria will be returned to you and you will be charged for return shipping (All parts that have been assembled or installed are not returnable). All returns will incur a 15% restocking fee. Freight charges are not refundable.

Tower FAQ's

What types of towers do you offer?
Our Tower Line Up consists of:
  • H2O Tower - Stainless steel tower, semi-custom made to fit all boats over 16 feet.
  • Fusion Tower - Stainless steel tower, fits boats between 58"-103" width at mounting points.
  • Beast Tower - Stainless steel tower, fits boats between 68"-103" width at mounting points.
  • Wave Tower - Aluminum tower, fits boats between 70"-103" width at mounting points.
  • Cuda Tower - Aluminum tower, fits boats between 72"-103" width at mounting points.
  • X Tower - Aluminum tower, fits boats between 72"-108" width at mounting points
  • Vapor Tower - Aluminum tower, fits boats between 72"-108" width at mount points.
  • Storm Tower - Aluminum tower, fits boats between 68"-103" width at mount points.
  • Ice Tower - Aluminum tower, fits boats between 62"-103" width at mount points.
Can I pull more than one person from the tower at a time?
Our limit for riders is one on the Ice or Storm, 2 riders for all other towers.
Can I pull a tube from your towers?
No, tubes and other inflatables displace so large an area of water that the surface tension creates a drag force that well exceeds the safety limits for the towers. The towers are only recommended for skiers, wake boarders, knee boarders, and air-chair riders.
What are the differences between the towers?

The main differences between the towers are material and design. The towers fall into two groups: custom stainless steel and universal aluminum.

Custom Stainless Steel
The H2O, Fusion, and Beast Towers are a combination of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. They features side cross braces to reduce front to back torque and quick release knobs on all four mounts for easy collapsibility.

The H2O is custom built to the sizing you chose, while the Fusion and Beast use their telescoping top to be mounted within their width range. 

All of our Stainless Steel towers come equipped with quick release knobs for ease of collapsing the tower.

Universal Aluminum
The Wave, Cuda, Vapor, X, Storm, and Ice Towers are true universal towers that can fit any boat with a wide variety of widths. All of our universal aluminum towers are made with 2.25" aircraft grade aluminum pipe.

  • The Wave Tower is a reverse arch tower with truly unique styling. It features integrated board racks capable of holding up to four wakeboards. It collapses by removing two bolts on the front supports and loosening two bolts on the rear legs.
  • The Cuda tower is a reverse arch tower with insane styling, strength, and intelligent design to satisfy the most demanding boat owners. It collapses by removing two bolts from the rear legs and loosening two bolts on the front legs.
  • The Storm Tower features integrated board racks capable of holding up to four wakeboards. The Storm tower also has additional bracing in the corners of the tower. It collapses by removing two bolts from the rear legs and loosening two bolts from the front legs.
  • The Vapor and X Towers features a bottom bar that follows the line of your boat's windshield for added styling and strength. It collapses by removing bolts from the front legs and loosening bolts on top of the tower and on the rear legs.
  • The Ice Tower is made completely of aluminum and does not have any side support or quick release features. The Ice tower collapses by removing two bolts from the rear legs and loosening two bolts from the front legs.
Will your towers fit my boat?

The Fusion, Beast, Cuda, Wave, X, Vapor, Storm, and Ice towers are designed to fit a variety of boats that are between 58" to 108" wide at the points where the front and back legs will attach.

  • The Fusion will fit 58" to 103" wide
  • The Beast will fit 68" to 103" wide
  • The Cuda will fit 72" to 103" wide.
  • The Wave will fit 70" to 103" wide
  • The Vapor and X will fit 72" to 108" wide.
  • The Storm tower will fit 68" to 103" wide.
  • The Ice tower will fit 62" to 103" wide.

(The tower is completely adjustable within its range.) 

The H2O towers are custom built to the sizing that the customer provides and can fit virtually any boat. 

Please note that all towers require boats to be 16 feet or longer and have access under the gunnels.

How long does my boat need to be?
Please note that all towers require boats to be 16' or longer and have access under the gunnels.
How far apart should I place the legs of the tower (from bow to stern)?

The stance for the Beast, Fusion, Wave, Cuda, and Vapor Towers is non-adjustable and consists of the following:

  • Beast - 53" between front and rear mount
  • Fusion - 66" between front and rear mount
  • Vapor and X – 72" between front and rear mount
  • Wave – 38" between front and rear mount
  • Cuda – 39" between front and rear mount

Optimal positioning for the legs of the Ice Tower is somewhere between 40 to 50 inches apart. 

The legs of the Storm tower can be between 49 to 60 inches. However, 56 inches is optimal.

The legs of the H2O Tower will need to be between 42 to 45 inches (fully adjustable within that range).

What kind of measurements do you need for the H2O Towers?
We will need two measurements from your boat.
  • Width across the boat's hull where you plan to mount the front legs of the tower
  • Width across the hull where you plan to mount the rear legs
Again, these measurements must be taken within 42 to 45 inches of each other.
Is there any adjustability in the measurements for the H2O Towers?
Yes, you will have 3 to 5 inches of adjustability in the width of the tower when you start to install.
Where should I take the measurements for the H2O Towers?
The placement of the tower is completely up to personal preferences. The most popular place to mount tends to be somewhere mid-ship, often straddling the windshield, but farther forward or aft mountings work equally well. One thing to consider: you will need to install a 2" x 4" backer plate for each mount on the inside of the hull. Make sure to take measurements at a place where you have access under the gunnel.
If I give you my boat's make and model, can you determine measurements for the Towers?
While we do keep a database of the measurements of the boats we have fit in the past, we cannot guarantee a good fit if we use database measurements. We have no idea where previous customers chose to mount their tower on their boat and, if the tower was placed fairly far forward or aft, the measurements can vary widely. If you do choose to use database measurements and there is a fit problem with your boat, we can switch out either the H-member (top central cross-piece) or the corners of the tower until the tower fits precisely how you want it. However, the customer will have to pay for both the shipping of the new piece(s) to them and the return shipment of the old piece(s) to us.
I have the exact same boat as one pictured in your gallery.  Can you use those measurements for my boat?
While we do keep a database of measurements for the H2O tower (as mentioned above) we have no idea which measurements go with the boats in our gallery. All of those pictures were sent in by our customers and we don't keep track of which boat belonged to which customer.
Are the towers collapsible?
Yes, all of our Big Air towers are collapsible.
The Ice Tower and Storm Towers will collapse to below the height of your windshield.
The Vapor and X Tower will collapse to a height of 18 inches.
The H2O and Fusion Towers will collapse to a height between 24 to 28 inches.  
The Beast Tower will collapse to a height between 12 to 14 inches.
The Wave and Cuda Towers will collapse to a height of around 26 inches.

Bimini FAQ's

Will your tower fit around my factory bimini?
It depends on the boat and on the bimini. For us to determine whether or not our tower will bind your bimini, we will need four measurements from you.
  • Width of the boat where the front legs of the tower will attach.
  • Width of the boat where the rear legs of the tower will attach.
  • Height of the bimini from the tower mount locations.
  • Width of bimini at the top.
Email us your name and phone number along with those four measurements and the type of tower you are interested in. We will call you and let you know if the tower will bind your bimini or not.
Can I get a Big Air Custom Bimini shipped with my tower?
No. Even when we have measurements from a boat to build a tower, there is too much built in adjustability in the tower to make a custom bimini for it before it is installed on a boat. All Big Air Custom Biminis must be made to measurements taken directly from an installed tower.
How is the Big Air Super Shadow different from the Big Air Custom Bimini?
The Super Shadow is a universal bimini that is only offered in one size (76 inches square). The Big Air Custom Bimini is made specific to your tower. Both options come in a variety of colors.
Do the biminis collapse?
Neither bimini style "accordion folds" like factory biminis do. The canvas is very easy to furl (in the case of the Big Air Bimini) or remove completely (in the case of the Super Shadow). The frames are designed to be semi-permanent, but part or the entire frame can be removed by undoing some wing nuts and removing some clamps.  
Can I trailer the boat with the bimini up?
You can trailer and tow your boat with the canvas frame up, but YOU MUST either remove or furl the canvas. Highway speeds are not comparable to water speeds.
How easy is the bimini canvas to remove?
The bimini canvas can be removed rather quickly. We use clips, just like the ones on your life jacket, to attach the bimini around the frame.
Can I get the frame in black?
Yes, for an additional $50 we are able to provide you with a black Super Shadow frame. This will also extend your lead time an additional 2 weeks. Unfortunately the Big Air Bimini and the collapsible bimini are unable to be powder coated.
Will the tow rope interfere with the bimini?
No, the shallow downward angle of standard length tow ropes allows the rope to pass above the frame and not interact with it.

Pylon FAQ's

What finishes does the pylon come in?
The pylons only come in anodized black.
Can the Pylon be made taller than 7 feet?
No.  Adding height throws off the geometry of the design and can compromise stability.
How does the pylon mount to my boat?
The pylon attaches to the boat in four different areas.

The first is up front with what we call a soft mount, which means that you make no hard connection or drill any holes in the boat.  You simply cradle the bow with a nylon fabric sling that has a built in ratchet.  This sling goes down around the bow through the towing eyelet and back up the other side.  Once above the bow the strap transfers over to small diameter/high strength lines that run to the head of the pylon.

The second connection is that of the base plate on the floor.  The base plate simply screws into the floor of the boat with stainless steel fasteners.  Many people ask if the floor will need reinforcement.  The answer is NO.  The floor of the boat will see no torque loading due to the fact that the pylon is held securely at the head and no load is delivered into the floor.  The base plate only serves to position the pylon and bare any down load.  There will only be about 85 lbs of down load.

The base plate should be positioned on the centerline of the boat anywhere from beside the driver to all the way back to the motor.

The third and fourth connection points are those of what we call the D-rings.  You will attach a D-ring plate on the gunnel, (the flat horizontal edges on the sides of your boat) on each side of the boat somewhere from 2.5 to 4 feet behind the pylon.  Each D-ring requires 2 small holes to be drilled in the gunnel.  From each D-ring, the pylon will quick link back into a high strength line that connects to the head of the pylon.

Will the Universal Pylon mount on my center console boat?
Our pylons need adequate spacing to mount the connection points. Most center console boats do not run pylons because of the geometry of it all. If you wish to review the installation instructions to make your decision, please contact the sales office at (855) 252-5314 Toll Free or email
How long does the pylon take to initially install?
Approximately 1 to 2 hours.
How long does the pylon take to raise after it has been installed?
Approximately 2 to 4 minutes.
How long does it take to take the pylon down?
Approximately 2 to 3 minutes.
Is it easy to stow the pylon away when not in use?
The pylon disassembles into 2 halves and can easily be stowed in your ski locker.
The head slides out of the pylon and can be stowed under any seat.
What is the weight limit on the pylon?
The weight limit is 275 lbs for any wakeboarder, skier, or kneeboarder.  ABSOLUTELY NO TUBES OR INFLATABLES.
Is the Pylon stable?
Yes, the Universal Pylon runs a dual line in "V" fashion for both the front and rear support of the pylon.  This means the pylon is under pre-load from all directions and is completely stable.
Can I get a mid-point ski mount for the pylon?
The Slip-On Pylon comes standard with a ski eye.  The Universal Pylon is not compatible with any type of mid-point mount.
Will I stub my toes on the base plate?
No, the base plate is a very low profile base.  It is designed to prevent any stubbing of toes by being designed with a conical shape that allows the foot to simply slide over rather than impact. 
What are the dimensions of the Base Plate?
It is roughly ¼" high at the edge that rises to 1 3/8" at the peak.  The diameter of the base plate is 6 ½". 
Will the screws for the base plate interfere with my gas tank underneath the deck?
No, the screws that attach the base plate to the deck are 1.25" long, of which only 7/8" shows below the base plate.  That is not long enough to interact with your gas tank.
(Screws #14 x 1 ¼ oval head phillips TSA 18-8)
What is the Pylon made of?
The head, splice, and base plate are made of CNC Billet 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade aluminum.
The pipes for the Universal Pylon are 2" outer-diameter 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade aluminum with a 0.125" wall thickness.
The lower pipe for the Slip On Pylon is 3" OD aluminum (same grade as above) and the upper pipe is 2.5".
What are the tension cables for the Universal Pylon made of?
The tension cables are aircraft grade stainless steel wrapped in a pvc protective tube.  The front pair are 16 ft in length; the rear pair are 12 ft in length.
My existing factory pylon is angled, will the Slip-On Pylon still work?
As long as there is a straight piece of pipe at least 17.5 inches before the pylon starts to bend (going from the top down) the Slip-On pylon should still fit.
Will I loose my rear seating?
No, our pylon is specifically designed so that you do not loose seating like many other manufacturers' pylons.  There are no tripod arms to climb over or block your passage through you boat.
How soon can my pylon be shipped?
We typically ship the pylon the next business day after your order has been placed.  We ship by UPS which normally takes 3 to 5 business days to deliver.  Big Air Pylons is proud of its ability to process orders quickly and ship them to you the customer in record response time.
How much does shipping and handling cost?
Shipping and handling typically costs $35 to anywhere in the US.
Next Day and 2 Day pricing can be quoted on a shipment by shipment basis.
Why are Big Air Pylons so affordable?
Our pylons are the best priced pylons on the market for a very simple reason: Direct Customer Sales.  You can purchase a pylon direct from our company with no middle man there to take a cut.
Does the pylon come with a warranty?
All Big Air Pylons come with a 1 Year Warranty on all parts.  If you have a problem, even after a year, we still want you to call us, because you the customer are our best source of advertising.

Installation FAQ's

Do you know of any installers in my region?
We do keep lists of dealers, marinas, etc. that we have dealt with in the past; however the vast majority of our customers choose to do the installation themselves. If you do chose to have a dealer or marina do the install, our best advice is to find someone local that you trust with a drill and your boat's fiberglass.
How hard is the tower to install?
The towers generally will take two people around 4 to 6 hours to install. Most of that time will be drilling the various installation holes. Please contact our sales office at or 855-252-5314 and we will gladly email a copy of the instructions to you.
My boat's hull is less than 3/8" thick, can I still install your tower?
Yes, for hulls under 3/8" thick, you will need to reinforce. Recommended reinforcement materials are aluminum sheeting (scrap yards are good places to find this), marine grade plywood, or a fiber glass kit. Reinforce the hull until the hull thickness is 3/8" or greater. The optimum area to reinforce is roughly 4" by 8" but we understand that you will probably be working with a limited space, so just do the best you can with what you've got.  If you use aluminum, or marine plywood, we do recommend that you put a little epoxy or some other sealant between the hull and the reinforcement material and then use the gasket and backer plate that we provide.
What's the advantage of your aluminum kit vs. your plywood kit?
The advantage of aluminum vs. plywood is that the aluminum can be shaped to conform to your hull. This means you will have a better fit to your hull.
Why do you offer different adhesives for your reinforcement kits?
When using flat aluminum sheets, the 3M Marine Sealant 5200 will work more as a sealant instead of providing a very strong bond. The 3M Marine Sealant 4000 UV is the best product to bond to metals without the use of a metal primer. It will also bond very well to fiberglass and can be used below the waterline.
What is the difference in the 3M adhesive choices?
3M 5200 is a single part sealant that cures to form a firm, rubbery waterproof seal. When fully cured, this high strength marine adhesive remains flexible and suitable for use where shock, vibration, shrinking or swelling are concerns.

Use 5200 on wood, fiberglass, hardware, motors, on fiberglass transoms, seams, joints, between struts, and planking stern joints. This permanent adhesive bonds and seals: fiberglass deck to hull, wood to fiberglass, portholes and deck fittings, motors on fiberglass transoms, under moldings, hull seams above and below water line, centerboard trunk joints, between struts and planking, stern joints and more.

3M 4000 UV is a fast cure medium strength sealant used to bond and seal metal, gelcoat, fiberglass, wood, and plastic. A one-part polyether adhesive sealant with excellent UV resistance, 4000 cures to a firm, rubbery, watertight seal. This sealant is ideal for bonding deck hardware, hatches, portholes, railings, and navigation lights.

Suitable for use both above and below the waterline, 4000 Fast Cure is sometimes more appropriate than 3M 5200 polyurethane for parts that may never need removal or replacement.

Billing and Shipping FAQ's

How long will the tower take to ship?
Build time on the H2O Towers varies according to how many orders have been placed with us, but average is next business day (powder coated towers could take longer). After it is built, it is shipped via UPS Ground (to the continuous 48 states) which usually takes three to five days.

The Wave, Storm, Vapor and Ice Towers will usually ship the same day/next day depending on when the order is placed. They also ship via UPS Ground. We cannot guarantee UPS shipping speed.
Can I get it shipped faster?
There is no way to rush production, but you can choose to upgrade your shipping to 3- Day Select, 2-Day Air, or Overnight. Please contact the Sales Office to get a quote on these prices.
Do you ship overseas?
Yes. Please contact our Sales Office for a quote to your area.
Are there any customs fees?
Yes. Most governments will charge a tax or fee on the item when it crosses the boarder. Since this fee is billed directly to the receiver, Big Air rarely knows how much these fees will be.
When will my card be charged?
We will charge your credit card on the day the order is placed during hours of operation. If order is placed after hours, the card will be charged the next business day. A receipt will be sent to the email address provided at time of order.
Will I receive a tracking number?
Provided that you give an email address when you place your order, we will forward a UPS tracking number to you by the end of business the day your item(s) ship.
Will there be any additional charges when shipping internationally?
When shipping outside of the USA, additional duties and/or taxes may be applied to your order. Contact your local UPS store for further information.