Wake Blaster

Looking to spice up your lake life??

Tired of just being a passenger? Imagine spraying tubers, boarders, skiers anyone or anything else from your boat.

This changes everything in a Party Cove!!

The Wake Blaster allows you to spray all day from your boat. At speed or parked, the Wake Blaster always works. It can shoot a stream 45 feet while parked and over 70 ft behind the boat when underway.

Can be installed in minutes!!! No drilling or modifications to your boat!!! NONE!! Everything included to install; Gun, Pump, Hose, adapters, etc. No additional purchases necessary.

To choose the right Wake Blaster for your boat you'll need to the know the following.

  • What type of drain plug do you have?
    • Do you have a drain in the middle of your boat?
      • If yes, choose the #1 Blaster Kit (mid drain boat kit)
      • If no, continue on.
    • Do you have a drain at the back of your boat?
      • If yes, simply measure across the hole - The Small drain kit will measure approx 3/4 inches.... The Large drain kit should be approx 15/16 inches.
        • Large rear drain choose the #2 Blaster Kit
        • Small rear drain choose the #3 Blaster Kit
  • 12 Volt power will be required for the Wake Blaster
  • If using a rear drain kit - we recommend that no restrictions be below the drain to the bottom of the boat.
What tools do I need?
To install the Wake Blaster you could need (2) crescent wrenches, flathead screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, and knife.
Will I need help?
Help is not needed to install the Wake Blaster, but it never hurts to have assistance.
Can I do it on my own or do I need it professionally installed?
The Wake Blaster easily installs without the need of a professional.
Does it spray when I'm moving?
Absolutely! The Wake Blaster sprays over 70 feet when underway.
What type of boats will this work on?
The Wake Blaster will work with virtually all boats! Just need to ensure that your boat has a standard drain.
Do I have to cut or drill on my boat?
No, you do not have to drill or cut to install the Wake Blaster.
Will this void the warranty on my boat?
Since there are not any modifications that will be made to the boat, installing the Wake Blaster will not void any warranties.
What kind of power will I need?
Installation of the Wake Blaster will require a 12 volt power supply (ie: your boat battery)
Is this a permanent addition to my boat?
It certainly doesn't have to be! The Wake Blaster can be moved from one boat to another, but we recommend that be done when you are out of the water.
Does the the Wake Blaster come complete with everything, ready to use?
Yes, everything you need is included with the Wake Blaster including gun, pump, hoses and connections.