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Haus -
1) A term given to a person who is amazing in all aspects of life. 
2) to be really really ridiculously good at something 

Tired of being told a tower won't fit over your bimini??? Big Air has solved the problem....The Big Air Haus tower is all that and a bimini (cause you get to keep yours)!!!
It's designed to fit over your bimini and still give you a strong tower that pulls multiple riders all day long...year after year.

You're probably asking...HOW??

ANSWER ...Big Air's new patent pending Tower Stability Technology.
With a tower this tall you would typically have sway issues..we solved this problem with our "Tower Tamer" and reinforcement placement on the Big Haus Tower.
Our anti-sway technology attaches directly and discretely to the Big Haus and helps eliminate the issues associated with taller towers.

Nav Light
  • Fits most boats from 78"-103" wide (No advanced measurements are needed)
  • Polished or Black powder coat finish options
  • High quality 6061-T6 aluminum tubing results in a strong tower that is lightweight
  • 2.25" large diameter - flex reducing aluminum tubing
  • Telescoping top section makes installation easy on any boat
  • The Haus Tower can mount on the side or on the top of boat gunnels
  • Tower stands roughly 6-1/2 feet from mounting points
    • Approximately 69" height underneath H-member
    • Typical gunnel height is 24 inches, thus top of tower would be almost 100 inches or over 8' tall.
    • This height and design allow us to fit over 90% of all biminis
  • Secure design creates for a silent tower that will not rattle, creak or moan in rough water
  • Designed with finite element analysis structures to reduce tower flexure
  • Swivel rope head to offer free rope movement
  • Fully collapsible to near windshield height
  • The Haus tower collapses in just minutes
  • 10"-18" height above gunnel when collapsed
  • Most biminis fit under our towers. Please click here about fit if you have a bimini top on your boat
  • 5 year warranty
  • Mounting hardware and backing plates are included
  • Incredibly easy to install (typically 2 to 3 hours) at home or by your Big Air dealer
  • Navigation light capable
  • Pre-drilled for ease of wiring installation
  • The front to back stance on the Haus tower is 66"
  • Want a Bimini for the Haus tower? Give us a call and we can discuss your options.
  • Please note: Wakeboard racks and other accessories are sold separately
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