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Ron Sanderson

The tower along with the shade make it a different boat; loads of fun & great to wake board behind. we purchased due to our garage only having an 8' tall door; the tower along with the shade breakdown & set up within 10 minutes - perfect for our needs!!

Darrell Holvick

Equipped with a Big Air X. Great lines and a very well built product. Had it on the boat two days after placing the order!!

Chris Askin

Couldn't be happier with the Vapor Tower and the Big Air Bimini. The tower is solid and doesn't sway or make noise. The Bimini is easy to roll up and casts a lot of shade which is key when you are out all day long.

Harold Adkins

Tight, rigid, and robust. Well designed and thought through. No creeking to put up with at all either. Third Big Air Tower I have installed. Loving it. Thanks guys!

Kent Bickel

LOVE this tower!! SOLID - no rattles or shakes. Installed with the help of my son and two of his wakeboard buddies in one afternoon. It looks great and when collapsed my boat will fit in my standard garage.

Craig Brown

Your products spectacular. The fit and finish is better than I was expecting. the instructions were spot on and the tower looks great on this old school style Ski boat. I could not be happier with my purchase. I will definitely be recommending BIG AIR to everyone I know.

Bradley Grupenhagen

Awesome Tower

Doesn't make a sound, bimini is strong and covers a great portion of the boat. Pulled riders in excess of 220lbs didnt make a sound.

Roger Alcantara

Needed an arch to install antenas, GPS, etc. This model boat has the option of a fiberglass arch which is very flimsy. Searching the net I found the H2O Big Air tower which seemed strong enough, looked very good, and could be reclined back to go under bridges and towing. This boat is 9'6" wide, larger than all the pictures shown on the site, so there was some doubt about the fit. After calling for assistance and verifying dimensions, I figured a way to attach it to the sides of the sun bridge , and as you can see in the photo, it turned out great!

Shane Steedman

The tower fitted together perfectly and was high enough to use factory Bimini. Service was brilliant.

Chuck Anderson

The H2O Tower that we purchased has been an absolute workhorse, pulling double duty as our boat's wakeboard and electronics tower. We customized our tower add a radar mount, antenna mounts, and cable routing furls. After overcoming a bit of trepidation with respect to drilling holes in the hull, the tower installed easily. One of its greatest features is its ability to rotate into lowered position with front legs removed, permitting the boat to be stored off-season in our ClearSpan shelter.

Dustin Richards

Fellow lovers of towers, pylons, racks, and boats:

I ordered one of your towers a few years ago and I'm still proud to have it mounted to my boat. I needed a few parts last week and getting them was no problem at all. The customer service is great, as always, and the product is priced better than any other tower I've seen on the market. I'm an avid wakeboarder and like to spend as much time as possible conquering the wake with monstrous spins, board grabs, and inverts. Everyone asks me where I got the tower and I just point to the sticker and tell them to hit your website when they decide to man-up and mount a hardcore tower to their otherwise weak boat. A Big Air tower will transform a weak or lame boat into a hardcore tower of power capable of towing a rider over the moon while doing a railey. I had to get on oxygen mask to wear while I ride 'cause I kept leaping above the clouds. Next year I'm getting a space suit so I can go into orbit with a cool indy grab… My point is that I like your product and am happy to advertise for you!


Just wanted to let you know your towers are awesome. Not sure if it was your intention for the H2O to go on a cabin cruiser but the height is epic! Install was easy -- after we bought cobalt bits for drilling into the stainless steel tower. First drilled half size holes using the pilot holes then full size. Started at 6:30 am and finished by noon. Longest delay was waiting for the hardware store to open to buy drill bits as the 2 supplied bits made a hardly a dent after running at slow speed for 20 minutes – rereading the instructions about using cobalt bits was the charm! My 14 year old son drilled all 32 holes with ease and this novice father and son team were on the water in no time.

Keep up the good work!

Brian Bujosa & Anna Wood

Thanks guys! We ordered the Big Air Ice tower for our 1997 Monterey 180 and have been very pleased. Customer service was amazing! Great price! Installation was quick and surprisingly easy. Shipping was insanely quick. The tower pulls great and makes absolutely no noise or creaking like many other towers. It folds easily to nearly windshield height and fits nicely into the garage. Overall we are completely satisfied and recommend your business to everyone. Thanks!

Brian Bujosa & Anna Wood

Robert George

My Vapor tower was the best investment I have made on the boat!! Thank you so very much for a great product , price , and especially your excellent customer service!

Robert George

Joe Joyner

I just wanted to say thanks to the people at Big Air for continuing to make the best affordable aftermarket tower available on the water today. I have owned two Big Air H2O towers since 2000 and have been very pleased with the strength, quality, and noise free design that Big Air offers their customers. With a great look, quality customer service, and top notch employees, there should be no other option. Thanks again for making my Mastercraft 205 stand out in the crowd of thousands!

Garon Davis

I just wanted to say Thank you for the high quality tower and for running a good honest Christian business! We got our Vapor tower and then had our 1996 MB Sports Boss 210 wrapped by Hyghoctane Graphics and we are very happy with the end result! Keep up the good work and we will do our best to represent your product every where our boat travels!

Crystal Caldwell

hi guys just wanted to let you know that we got to use the tower, and we love it. it is sturdy and no noise at all from the tower i would recommend it to anybody wanting a great looking, well built tower for an awesome price thanks for the great service guys!!!!!

Rob Lemons

Just wanted to send a picture and also say that this is the best tower around. It took us only 3 hours to install and was simple but came out to be the most sturdiest tower I have ever seen. Took it to the lake a few days later and worked perfect. Made my 1993 Chaparral look much newer and the friend and kids like the way they pop up on the wakeboards now...

Thanks again, and I am looking forward to the arrival of the Bimini from you guys!

Paul Bosseler

I wanted to send you a few photos of my 70 SeaRay with the new Ice tower, along with Super Shadow bimini and all the accessories. It turned out really great, and I've had nothing but compliments from many people and fellow boaters. Installation was not bad at all--I didn't screw anything up! The bullet speakers sound great--what an improvement over my old speakers that were mounted down in the hull.
Pictures taken on Lake Mohave on the Colorado River between Hoover and Davis Dams, just south of Las Vegas--if you have heard of Laughlin, Nevada, this is it.

Mike Green

I received my Ice Tower a week ago as well as the accessories. So far I a very impressed. I have the tower assembled in my dining room. One of the many benefits of being a bachelor. The design and fabrication far exceeds anything I expected. I actually contemplated building a tower myself as I have a fair amount of fabrication experience as it pertains to building custom cars, however I could never have matched the work you folks have put together for the cost. Hopefully summer will be here and I can get it on my boat. Fortunately the tower is so nice that my street rod friends all comment on it in the dining room and are jealous they can not get away putting one in their home (lol). It is also serving as a great rack for hanging the snow ski gear to dry.


Today my dad and I installed my new Ice Wake Board Tower. It took approximately 3.5 hours (no experience with this type of job) from start to finish. We used 1x4 pressure treated spruce lumber measured in 6" blocks as additional reinforcements along with the standard mounting plates. We also implemented the tie down straps to tighten/preload the overhead cross member. This worked beautifully! We also hung a combo speaker/light bar on the installed Ice tower and the materials match extremely well. I still have to wire the light and speakers into the tower, but, I was so pleased with how well the tower looked that I just HAD to write in and tell you about it! Thanks Big Air, you have another excited customer!

Brandon Hollenbeck

Boat is much more fun with the tower, great tower, great price, easy install.


Steve Croft

Please find a pic of my 99 Glasstron SX175 in the water with the ice tower combo I just got from you guys. I wasn't planning on buying one until next year but when I saw your prices I decided not to wait. I'm very happy with the quality of everything. It took me about 4 hrs to put the entire tower together and mount it on my boat by myself. It changes the entire look of my boat and gives me and my family a lot more room inside now that all the boards are up on the racks. The huge mirror is awesome too by the way. Thanks for making such a great product at a reasonable price.

Dave Silverstein

Got this at the end of July, like every other testimonial, it made my 1990 Rinker look new, it definitely turns heads, it was easy to install(3 hrs), as a slalom skier I can now clear the wake with ease on a wakeboard. I love this tower, I am going to need speakers and racks next summer, the girlfriend says a ring first, so maybe end of next summer, cant wait until summer 2013! Thanks Big Air Wake Towers!

Mike, Teresa, Jordan and Tyler Petron

Last Chrismas we purchased an Ice Tower wakeboard tower for our "new" used boat. Our 2 sons wanted to start wakeboarding and we purchased a boat that we would work great, we just needed to add a tower. We installed the tower earlier this spring. The installation went very well. We completed the entire installation in a few hours with only a little assistance from my wife to hold pieces as I installed bolts, etc,.

We are very pleased with our purchase. We have used the tower for our sons to wakeboard several times this spring/summer and my wife also used it to waterski. It looks great on our boat and functions very well. We store our boat in a standard garage when not in use, therefore we need to fold the tower down everytime we put it away. The Ice Tower works very well for this, it folds down very easily.

William "Doug" Jones

Just wanted to let you know that we have enjoyed our tower to the max. After refinishing the exterior of my 1994 Four Winns at the beginning of this year, I then realized it needed that finishing touch and that's when I decided to add one of your towers and bimini tops to my boat. After I installed it, it made my Four Winns come to life. My 18 year old boat looks great and turns a lot of heads. I pass the word along about your company and how easy it was to place my order. We spend a lot of time on Kerr Lake in North Carolina and a lot of people tell me how awesome my boat is. Thank you Big Air Towers for a great product.

T.J. Johnson

I wanted to say thank you for such an awesome product, i have had it on the boat for a month now and already gave it more punishment then some towers see in a life time. It also helps hide the fact that my boat is 20yr old i hope you enjoy the pictures, i will send some better ones next week

Rick and Deana Pierce

I wanted to send a quick message and let you know about my experience with your product!

I was impressed by the friendly demeanor and prompt service provided by the staff!

I was also happy with the appearance of the product and how thoroughly it was packaged! I was excited and really looking forward to installing the tower on our boat!

I had already read through the instruction manual and found them to be VERY thorough and easy to follow! After measuring twice and drillingonce, we got our mounting brackets installed properly and began assembling the tower!

Needless to say I was very impressed with the quality of thecomponents and how thoroughly the hardware was prepared for us! We followed the instructions to the letter and with very little difficulty had the tower on the boat, squared up and began the final assembly! We had no difficulty getting all the holes drilled thanks to the provided drill bits and thorough explanation on drilling stainless steel!

After approximately 6.5 hours of work we had our tower on the boat and ready for use next weekend! We are very pleased with the fit and finish of the tower and the appearance of the accessories we purchased with the combo we selected!

Thank you for providing us with such a quality product at aVERY fair price! We are thrilled with the way it has enhanced the appearance and versatility of our boat and are really looking forward to trying it out very soon!

Thanks Again for everything! Sincerely, The Pierce's in OKC

Glenn Jones Boise, Idaho

I have sent you some pictures of our Four Winns boat with our new Vapor Tower installed. It is awesome. My five children are loving the new tower and dad! It sure makes our boat look nice and gives a great pull for boarding.

Anssi Honkanen Finland

Just want to thank you for your exellent service. I ordered Big Air Pylon to Finland and package arrived in a week. Installing the pylon was easy and works perfectly, even in a small boat with 60hp engine. I have recommended your service to many people here in Finland. Keep up doing good work.

Duane Dorminey Smyrna, GA

I want to say a HUGE thank you to you and everyone else at Big Air Pylons. I had a thousand questions before I ordered the H2O tower for my boat and you took the time to explain everything to me thoroughly. I even called back a couple of times with more questions after ordering the tower and you had all the answers I needed. I took the measurements you requested and the tower arrived 4 days later, amazing! The instructions were very thorough and my brother-in-law and I got the entire tower assembled, installed and aligned in less than 4 hours. You even included the drill bits for me to drill through the stainless steel. That is amazing service. The tower looks GREAT on my boat!! I am so glad I chose Big Air Pylons to do business with, especially since you advertise as a Christian company. I was on the lake the same day after installing the tower and WOW, what a difference coming out of the water! Attached are a couple of photos of the completed install.

Pat McGinnis Mukwonago, WI

My kids (and their friend) and I would like to thank you for your quick turnaround and for making such a quality tower available at an affordable price. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first about ordering online and not being able to see first hand how your towers are built. It did help to be able to read all the testimonials and to view all the photos on your website, so I wanted to make sure that I added ours as well.

I placed my order on a tuesday night, our H20 Tower arrived on friday, I installed it on saturday with the help of my 17 year old daughter and we were on the lake enjoying it on sunday! My kids think I am the greatest dad in the world and it's actually gotten me up wakeboarding (at 53 years old) and anxious to master the art. This was the best family thing we have invested in since we purchased our first boat 10 years ago. There's not many things you can do that will make your teenagers look forward to spending time with their parents, but this is definitely one of them. Thanks

L.D. Gillespie Pontotoc, MS

I just wanted to let you guys know that I love the H2O Tower. The directions sent with the tower were easy to follow, and the tower looks great on my 2003 Bayliner 205 series. The factor bimini tops fits perfectly under the tower even with the speakers which I was very excited about. I have been wakeboarding for a couple of years, and this tower has really helped me get more air. It also really helps when teaching others to get up on the wakeboard. The H2O is a great tower and the price is unbeatable.

Brad I. Harman

Here is a couple pictures of our wakeboard tower installed. Installation went well, took us about 6 hours - I think we could do a second one in 3 or less. We love the pull and looks. It is so solid, not a single rattle unlike some towers I have had before. Thanks again

Eric Nunez Bend, Or.

Hi Big Air, I bought my Big Air Tower early in the '07' season. But as they say, 'better late then never', so I just wanted to say thanks so much for such an ' Awesome Tower ', and a great product. The instructions and ease of installation were pretty straight forward! I only called you once on a question on the racks and your staff was very friendly and helpful. We've had a blast with it this past summer and my Boat and Tower handle and look great! (Pics included) Two of my friends asked, and want one for their boats so I gave them your name and site. Family can't wait for this summer. God bless Big Air...

Thanks again

Sam Pinkham

Thanks for sending the tower over so quickly, it looks fantastic! I've never met you but I love you already - it's gonna bring me so much pleasure. We're fitting it tomorrow in this lovely british rain we're having! Of course I'll send you a photo when it's done. Best wishes

Scott Regian VP Marketing Four Seasons Foods

I just wanted to let you know that we are totally happy with our new tower, wakeboard racks and custom bimini top. I have only had one chance to get out on the lake, but the difference is truly amazing. As you know our DONZI is @ 20 years old, and in mint condition, but the addition of your equipment has made a world of difference. The overall quality of the tower, the attention to detail, the high quality wakeboard racks, and the custom colored bimini make this old boat look like its right out of the showroom. As far as customer service, your company is also top line. I had some issues with my mis measurements, but customer service, got my replacement parts out the same day. Renee and De Ann both have been very helpful in guiding me though out the process. I will recomend your company to all of my friends that might be interested in upgrading their boat. I will be taking some pics of the new rig this weekend and will forward them to you for your gallery if you like. Thanks again for everything.

John Lethen Carmel, IN

First of all I want to thank you for getting my bimini top done and sending it to me while I was on vacation.  The top looks awesome and definately finishes off the tower.  The tower is great to wakeboard behind.  We all noticed a difference immediately.  I think the tower actually makes wakeboarding easier.  Getting air is certainly easier.  The price was right and assmebly was a snap!   You are a first class company and I enjoyed working with you.  Thanks.

J. Murdock Lake Norman , NC

I wanted to send out a big thank you to your company and staff for making an affordable and well constructed tower. I am very pleased with your product and have taught several of my friends and family how to wakeboard effortlessly. You wouldn't believe the looks I get on our lake ( Lake Norman , NC ) This has definitely increased the value of my old 1990 Regal that I just finished restoring after a year and 8 months! Thank you again on such a great Tower.

Steve Inman Nashville, TN

Just wanted to send a pic of my new Big Air Tower and say thanks. My son and I (sitting in the boat) installed the tower with no problems on my 1993 Chaparral Sport 2000. Not only does the tower give a 14 year old boat a new look but it gives my son and me a whole new trajectory in our wakeboard jumps. In a word, your tower is awesome! No other tower on the market can compare to the look, the quality and the performance of the Big Air Tower ...especially at this price.

So, thanks for improving the quality of our air in Tennessee !!!

A 100%, totally satisfied customer

Steve LaBau Eagle, Idaho

Kudos to you all at Big Air Pylons, my experience was great from the start. Like most folks, I had a lot of questions about a "universal" type product going on my boat. As I researched it more and emailed back and forth with you I came to realize just what a great deal your towers are.

I included a picture of the finished installation on our 2000 Malibu Response, the tower looks great, it is rigid and solid, no binding or creaking noises when pulling riders. Thanks for all your support. By the way the drill bits were a huge help, I ended up using a 1/2 inch variable speed drill and it worked great.


Paul Giannaula
Ivyland, Pennsylvania

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the purchase of my BigAir Tower . I received the tower in time for the weekend which was exactly as promised. The quality of the product is excellent. The hardware is all study and top notch. The drill bits that were included worked well and made the job a lot easier. The first day I took it out was very windy and the water was rough, but the tower was rock solid. I am also very happy with the quality of your manufactured board rack. It looks and works great. Attached is a picture of my Caravelle Interceptor 232 with the tower so you can see how great it looks.

Thanks for a great product and a fair price.

Jim Allen

Thank you Big Air Towers. The tower and installation went great. I was very impressed with the detail instructions and the customer service questions I had during installation. Great product and high quality material used and supreme engineering was put into the construction of the towers. Thanks

Doug Stallings

Just wanted to send some pics of your tower that i just installed on my 2003 ULTRA 21 STEALTH. This is my second tower on this boat. the first one was from some other tower co. which i wont mention. your tower puts the old one to shame. not only was it easy to put together. it looks great on my boat.and my bimini fits great under the tower, my old one didnt unless you fought it. i am very pleased with every thing. the other nice thing about your tower was that it cost me less than my old flimsy tower. i cant wait to get to the water and try it out. thanks

Dan Carroll

Love the product and looked every where for the right tower.  I can only say lots of air and very solid/rigid.  Thanks for the exceptional customer service and I look forward to a summer packed full of lake time. Thanks

Chad Davis

I thought I would send you a few pictures of my big air tower that I installed back in the Spring. I've used the tower all Summer and I am super satisfied! I am required to raise/lower the tower every time I use it and it has not been a problem. The tower is rock solid and makes no noise. It has really opened my boat up and gotten all the boards and ropes out of the way. I can't say enough good things about the value of this tower. Thank you very much!

Karl & Kyle Prince

This is the best, most reasonably priced tower on the market. And I searched. The tower is the best looking one I have seen. Thanks for the fun!

Scott Naples

I bought my big air tower last season and I can't tell you how many compliments I have received. I could not imagine my boat without the tower. You guys definitely have a solid product and your customer service was excellent! Thanks for all your help. I have attached a couple of pictures of the install on my '82 Ski Nautique if you would like to add them to your photo gallery. Thanks

Dale Del Favero

I have purchased a ski tower from you folks about 3 -4 weeks ago. This was the last day of your winter special pricing great deal. After receiving the kit I was very impressed with the completeness of all the hardware . All of the Stainless steel hardware and all the Allen wrenches and drill bits that it came with. The only thing I supplied was a 3/8" drill and a drill motor. Great Job

My tower arrived right on the day it was promised.

I have a 1990 Sea Ray B/R with a 2004 BF135 Honda "A very rare combination." Thank you for making this internet purchase a very enjoyable experience.

Doug Stallings

Just wanted to send some pics of your tower that i just installed on my 2003 ULTRA 21 STEALTH.This is my second tower on this boat. the first one was from some other tower co. which i wont mention. your tower puts the old one to shame. not only was it easy to put together. it looks great on my boat.and my bimini fits great under the tower,my old one didnt.unles you fought it. i am very pleased with every thing. the other nice thing about your tower was that it cost me less than my old flimsy tower . i cant wait to get to the water and try it out.

Brannon Couch
Cottonwood, AZ

The quality is great, the function is solid, and the price is right. I installed it on a 1999 Mariah Shaba 202 pops family and friends right out of the water.

FH Pursley

I put your tower on a 96 Celeb two years ago and love it. I have recieved nothing but positive remarks simply because the tower looks awesome and works the same way. Also thrilled to find out you're a CHRISTIAN company. God Bless. The boat goes to Dale Hollow, Lake Cumberland and Barren Lake frequently all summer, so I hope I got you some business. Thanks again for a fantastic product.

Richard Smith

We all love the tower, and the wake jumps and tricks have improved tremendously. My 8 year old finally got up on the wakeboard after the tower was installed and we all think it is the best looking tower on the lake!

Jeff Antczak

I wanted to express my "thanks" to everyone at Big Air !! From manufacturing, inspection, shipping, to designers, clerical and management. You guys are GREAT! Every piece was in the box, undamaged, on time, and fit like a glove! The drill bits included were extremely helpful! THANKS AGAIN !!!!!

John French

I ordered the big air tower at the beginning of the winter and we had to patiently wait for the snow to disappear before we were able to install the tower. It was certainly worth the wait!! The tower performs perfectly! We are getting bigger air than we ever did before, plus it helps to lift new boarders out of the water easier. The fit and finish of the new tower makes our rather old 1977 Ski Nautique look like a new boat. MOST AWESOME!!

Kyle H. Smith

I would like to take the time to thank you for such a quality product. The tower looks great. Easy install. No maintenance needed to be performed since its been installed. Couldn't ask for a better product. It looks like it came from the factory. By far the nicest looking universal tower on the market and for the price you can't beat it. I was a little unsure about the look of an universal tower, but with just a few easy measurements prior to ordering and that's it. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "Where did you get that tower?". I just can't say it enough. Thank you BigAir.

Sincerely, Proud owner of a 1995 Tige SLM 1000 and a BirAir Pylon

Karl DuBose

Hi, just used the tower for the first time. FANTASTIC, looks great and actually got my butt out of the water on the wakeboard. It was like magic. Here is a picture of my boat with the tower.

Thanks love the tower


Hi Big Air,  I've installed your wakeboard tower, and I tried my best with the installation of the speakers and two sets of lights.I still think it turned out GREAT! My neighbours think I have a NEW boat, and they are calling it the PARTY BOAT! With the new sound system, I think they'll get tired of IT!!!  We have enjoyed it the last couple of weeks and we're looking forward to the rest of summer. I'm sure you'll be getting more sales from it!

Jeff Evans

I'm very happy with the tower. Solid as a rock: No rattles or squeaks! Your tower is the best looking one out there under $2,000. I bought it for a better pull and good price, but after installing it, I can't get over the "cool factor" this thing adds to the boat!

Mark D. Wiggins, Sr.

I purchased your tower last year and installed it myself following the enclosed instructions with very little trouble. The tower is installed on a 1982 Galaxy, Excecutive Edition by Ed Fitch. Its a 19 ft boat with a I/O. The tower has worked wonderfully and we love it, and I recomend it whole heartedly to anyone looking to add a tower to their boat.


Hi Guys, it is just to tell you the tower was already deliver today, I check the details, the parts, the structure and it is awesome, thanks a lot. Now I just need to wait for April to take the boat away from the winterization to install the tower. Sure I'll take pictures of the boat with the tower, and sure I'll share with you and also I'll strongly recommend others to buy this tower.

Mical George

Here is the picture of my boat with you guys tower on it, I have loved it. I added my own custom made tower speakers and lights and they look great on it. The tower is so quiet compared to other peoples ive seen and ridden behind. I could not be more pleased and I tell everybody about you guys.

Thanks again!!!

Steve Hladek

I installed your tower on my 1999 Sea Ray 185 with ease. The boat's original top still fits nicely under the tower. The tower performs great out on the water and we can't wait to use it again this summer!

Thanks for producing a superior product at a great price! It has exceeded my expectations.

Benson Harper Trappe, MD

Dear Big Air Pylons,

I purchased my tower from you in June of this year and after enjoying it all this summer, I feel compelled to write a note of thanks.

I was impressed with your product and service from the time I ordered it. Your sales staff was very helpful and commited to getting me my tower in a timely fashion even though it was a peak time when I ordered it. I was also impressed with the quality of the hardware as soon as it came out of the box, as well as the installation instructions. You went beyond telling the customer how to put the tower together, and gave excellent instructions for assembling a QUALITY tower, an installation that can make the user proud. Using the tower is great as well--noise is minimal, flex stays in the tower where it belongs, and the riders are quick to complement on the solid pull. Two other qualities I must mention are the great looks and affordability. Most observers have told me that it looks just like it came as stock equipment. Thanks for a great tower! I'm looking forward to years of enjoyment with it.

Brian Jeffers

You requested pictures of our Aztec Coyote with your tower on it The tower fits well .... lots of compliments .... and is very stable. We are very happy with the appearance and performance .... !! Board racks, speakers, and a bimini top next year.

Scott Fairclough

Hello, after having your tower installed on my boat for a couple months I was finally able to give it a try. Words just do not seem to do it justice. I am very impressed. It is a very high quality product and it looks great on my Crownline. This tower is a great bargain as it is very reasonably priced. The staff and sales personal were knowledgeable, extremely helpful and customer friendly. Very professional. Plus, they really know their product. I was able to buy their tower online with full confidence and would not hesitate to purchase another if the need ever arose. I suggest one to every body I know who are thinking about a tower purchase. I have noticed from your web site that you do not rest on past accomplishments but instead push forward to bring further innovations to this sport. Very well done guy's. I just can't thank you enough. It has been a wonderful experience.

Jeff Burt Gilbert, AZ

After a long search for the right Tower for my new Larson Boat, your tower beats any on the market for looks, price, and ease of use. When I was able to get the boat back out on the water, I noticed a better balance and ride I believe is due to the center of gravity with which the tower sits. All I can say is it is a GREAT value and I would recommend Big Air Pylons to family and friends. Your the BEST!

Alan Dodson

This is a nice tower, very sturdy and easily removed for those of us who use their boats to fish from. On and off in about two minutes. It makes a huge difference while riding a Sky-Ski. I would (and have) highly recommend this tower to others shopping for a tower. Great price, looks, versatility, and overall value.

Jay Penninger
Shipping Coach

Allow me a moment of valuable time, Please suffer through, a most boring short rhyme. There's something quite simple, a thing I must do. I must send these pics, and a Thanks on to you ! I came on your tower, while surfing the net. An incredible value, the best I'd seen yet. "Finally", I said, "Here is just what I need." So I went to the phone, and I dialed with speed. The call went real friendly, too soon I was done. And then a short wait, for both me and my son. The package arrived , I'll say we were impressed, Just how everything fit, with no damage, the best! Instructions were clear, and the parts were all there, And so we began, with the greatest of care. Our measures and drilling went smoothly I'd say, Too soon we were finished, it took less than a day. Then off for some pictures, to send back to you. Sincere in our thanks for the work that you do. "Your tower is awesome," say all who come by. With that I agree, and now you know why.

Ian Boles, Texas

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with the Big Air H20 tower I purchased from you guys a couple of weeks ago. I installed it with the help a friend (experienced metallurgist) this past weekend and I can't believe how good it looks. The pictures on your site don't do it justice. The way in which you people designed this thing really allows for a person to customize it to their specific boat. And of course, it pulls beautifully. Thanks again for all your help, and for designing an excellent product.

Jeremy Byrom Page, Arizona

I would like to thank you for the coolest product ever. Since I received the pylon, my wakeboard jumps have increased from 2 feet to 4 feet, and sometimes higher. THANKS BIG AIR PYLON!! We have owned the boat for 20 years but it works great.

Marcelo Carino Redding, CA

I own a Crownline 202BR. Installed my pylon I bought from you in April and have been loving it!!! I posted your website on the Crownline's web site and have referred your product to everyone that would listen and that has read my postings in the Crownline owner's club "general discussion" site. What's different about my pylon is that I cut holes and placed zippers in my factory bimini top, so that I can ride with my top on and still get maximum air off my pylon.

Craig F

Who is the genius that invented it? Everything is absolutely perfect! I was even more surprised to find my new bimini fit perfectly underneath it. And let me say, I thought it looked awesome with the bimini, but then when I added the Wake Design tubby speakers I nearly fainted. Your tower has made such a great improvement to my boat. I thank you as much as one person can thank another. Your low price on the tower made my boat kick tail. Also, thank you for supplying me with new cables for the old pylon. This will help me sell it to someone else. This tower is well thought out in every dimension. I love it!