Will your tower fit around my factory bimini?

This depends on the boat and on the bimini.  For us to determine whether or not our tower will bind your bimini, we will need four measurements from you. 

Email or call us with those four measurements and the type of tower(s) you are interested in.  We will reply and let you know if the tower will bind your bimini or not.

Front to rear stance for each tower is:

Ice tower – 40" to 50" (can even be brought to 60" if necessary)
Storm tower – 49" to 60" (56" optimal)
H2O tower – 42" to 45"
Vapor and X tower – 70"
Wave tower – 38"
Fusion tower – 66"
Beast tower – 53"
Cuda tower – 39"

***Please note: Our towers taper inward 12 degrees (about 14-20 inches) from the mounts to the top and stand about 55" tall from mounts to the bottom of the top bar.  If you think you are going to have binding issues, customizing your bimini may be an option for you.